(re)searching dream state, 45 min., 2022, photo: elisa rutschi

trip through hidden utopia, 10 Min., 2021

Zurich/Basel based duo GAGGINI/TRAILOVIC
«We work with genuine improvisation coming from the dreams that we are, that we came from. Catching the sparks from spirit, translating them in the fresh moment through movement, sounds, words. Our performance practice explores mutual trust and dynamics of relationship creating a little bubble world with fluctuating boundaries, meandering between dream and not-dream, knowing that closeness is constant movement, not a chosen state.
Through this process, we are searching for a means of withstanding unease in the form of unpredictable interferences, trauma and longing from bodily being. Meeting in places as lovers, we involve space in soothing the intermingling stimuli in communication.»